Art works such as paintings, drawings, old photos, sculpture, jewellery etcetera are photographed using special lighting techniques.  

These images are edited using state of the art computer software and then printed.  Printing is done on an Epson P9000 large format printer with pigment inks.  Inks are all archival and have been tested by a third party for colour fastness and longevity.  Prints can be made up to 44 inches wide and unlimited length. Custom framing and matting is also available. 

In the art world these types of prints are known as giclee prints.  

Canvas prints are then varnished for increased longevity.  All papers used are also of museum quality

Most mediums can be photographed and reproduced to the customer’s satisfaction.  This is made possible by having full control of the final product.  Meaning, the initial photo shoot to the final print.  

Reproductions are suitable for gifts, advertising or as a way for artists to offer their work to a greater audience through limited edition archival paper prints or canvas.  It is also a valuable way to have an accurate recording of artist’s works for their historical records. 

Satisfaction of reproductions are guaranteed.  No job is finished until the customer is happy.  

Please use the contact form for any enquiries or to book an appointment to have your artwork or valuables photographed and recorded accurately.