Reproduction Printing

All types of prints available.  Specializing in large format, archival printing up to 44 inches wide X unlimited length. From quality photo paper and economical canvas  to museum grade canvas and papers.

Inks are all Epson UltraChrome pigment inks. Most archival prints last over 100 to 200 years and more as authenticated by 3rd party research by Wilhelm Research .

There are several options in each category as described below. 

Archival papers are heavier and thicker.  They last longer and are more suitable for hanging and framing art prints. 

 Premium Photo Paper is what you would generally get from a high volume photo printing business such as large retailers.  They also can be framed and displayed for many years.  Direct sunlight is the thing that breaks down paper and inks the most. Matting and framing help to preserve these photos as contact with glass and air also decreases the print longevity.

Archival Papers

These papers are third party certified to last 100 plus years without fading or colour changes under normal lighting conditions(not in direct sun) and display under glass is recommended.  

Matt Canvas:   Canvas is polycotton and is certified 100 plus years archival by third parties.  All canvas prints are varnished for even more durablity allowing them to be displayed in any indoor environment such as kitchens and bathrooms.   The canvas can be finished with semigloss and gloss varnish as well.

Platine Paper:  100% cotton rag paper.  The highest archival standard in fine art papers.  It has a semigloss/satin finish.

Baryta Paper:  Has a special barium sulphate coating that shows greater detail and definition in photographic prints.  Great for black and white.  Has a smooth satin finish.

Fibre/Textured Paper:  100% cotton slightly textured matt paper for an artistic look and feel.  Similar to water colour paper. Archival standards of 100+ years.

Canvas, Baryta, Platine and Matt paper
Canvas (unvarnished), Baryta, Platine and Matt paperCanvas Wrap 3/4”
depth Canvas is varnished.
Canvas Wrap 1 1/2” depth
InchesPrice per one copy
8 X12$14.00$60.00$70.00
* 9 X 36$50.00$120.00$145.00
11 X 14$24.00$70.00$80.00
12 X 18$35.00$75.00$85.00
12 X 36$60.00$115.00$135.00
16 X 20$50.00$94.00$114.00
16 X 24$57.00$110.00$135.00
18 X 24$60.00$130.00$155.00
20 X 20$60.00$125.00$150.00
20 X 30$65.00$175.00$200.00
24 X 36$120.00$235.00$250.00
24 X48$150.00$275.00$300.00
24 X 72$190.00$340.00$380.00
36 X 48$190.00$340.00$380.00
40 X 60$250.00$380.00$450.00
40 X 80$350.00$450.00$550.00
* Panorama
Canvas wraps include your choice of sides, being mirror wrap or solid colour to compliment photo print.
Prints come with solid backing, ie, foam board or cardboard.
Any other size of print is available. These prices are a reflection of what other sizes will cost.

Premium Photo Papers

Premium Lustre Paper:  Semigloss smooth finish.  Traditional photo paper.  

Glossy Paper:  Shiny high gloss photo paper.  Smooth shiny finish. 

Metallic Gloss:  Eye catching metallic sheen look of paper.  Makes colours pop and adds a metallic look to black and white photos.  

Lustre/Satin, Glossy or Metallic Paper
InchesPrice per one copy10 or more copies
5 X 7$3.50$3.00
8 X 10$5.00$4.50
8 X 12$7.00$6.50
9 X 12$9.00$8.00
11 X 11$10.00$9.00
11 X 14$12.00$10.00
12 X 18$15.00$13.00
12 X 24$20.00$18.00
12 X 36$23.00$20.00
16 X 20$20.00$18.00
16 X 24$22.00$19.00
18 X 24$25.00$22.00
20 X 20$22.00$20.00
20 X 30$27.00$24.00
24 X 36$40.00$35.00
24 X 48$50.00$45.00
36 X 48$75.00$70.00
Other sizes of prints are available.
The prices will be in correlation to the above prices.
Sizes of prints vary depending on the photo size.

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